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My AI & ML discoveries in MWC 2019

Few days ago I had the opportunity to meet lots of exhibitors in Barcelona's Mobile World Congress and it's satellite exposition of young startups in 4YFN.

The amount of information and inspiring projects it's epic but for this blog entry I would like to narrow just in a few AI and Machine Learning initiatives that are worth keeping an eye on it:


AI-driven solution for retail business that allows in-store real time analytics so as to shape your customers value proposal on-the-fly. Allows multiple integration schemes including APIsSELECTSTAR Realy meaningful proposal that offers a simple way to obtain unstructured real world data (Pictures, Videos, Sounds, Mood...) in a sistematic way by enrolling crowds of anonymous people willing to share whatever you need and can be reported with smartphones Collected data can be pushed afterwards into any AI, ML or Deep Learning environment of your own where you can get the most of this precious data.NARUINTELLIGENCE This is a lifesc…

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