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Do you have a single core KPI? See how one of Amazon's leaders is embracing this approach.

Few weeks ago I had the luck to attend a speech from Amazon's LATAM Head of Customer Service Alejandro Filloy in IESE Business School in Barcelona. In that masterclass Alejandro made special focus on making us clear that no matter how big is the challenge in his hands he always tries to focus and keep attention in one specific KPI that is linked with all the rest business complexity.

   In his case made mention to CPU (Contacts x Unit Sold) KPI  and after some thinking it's clearly something that makes sense!!!   In one single figure you are mixing Customer Service inbound impacts (Contacts) that determine your operations accuracy with sales & marketing performance (Units Sold)...  as a result by looking at this figure evolution you can clearly detect wether the variation comes from Operations or Sales & Marketing moving outside baseline.

Definitely a clever approach that allows all the organization to stay focused while understanding easily business goals from a op…

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